The Czechoslovak Review/Volume 2/The convention of the Č. S. P. S.


The convention of the Č. S. P. S. (Czecho-Slav Fraternal Societies), the great fraternal organization of Czech immigrants in America, held its quadrennial convention in Chicago on August 24-31. This organization numbers 25,000 members and is the oldest Bohemian fraternal and beneficial society in the United States. Like every other death benefit society it has felt the effect of so many of its members being called away on military service, with the danger of largely increased death rate. Nevertheless the convention voted to pay out of its own funds the death benefit dues of members who have been called to the colors. The convention further endorsed the great Bohemian National Alliance of America, and elected Professor Masaryk honorary member. They also issued an appeal to its membership to enlist in the Czechoslovak Army for service in France. The offices of the organization for the next four years were removed from Cedar Rapids to Cleveland, and Charles Bernreiter, a zealous worker in the movement for Czechoslovak independence, was elected president until the next meeting of the convention.