Translation:The Dark Realm

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The Dark Realm
by Unknown, translated from Serbian by Wikisource
Serbian folk tale, collected by Vuk Stefanović Karadžić in his Dictionary.

It is being told how some emperor, coming with his army to the end of the world, went to the dark realm, where nothing could ever be seen.

Not knowing how shall they return back, they leave there mares' foals, so that the mares would lead them out from the darkness.

When they entered the dark realm and were going across it, all the time they were feeling under their feet some tiny stones, and from the darkness something yelled: "Who takes of these stones - will be sorry, and who doesn't take - will be sorry!"

Some of them thought: "If I should be sorry, why should I carry it?"

And some: "Let me carry at least one."

When they return from the darkness into the world, but all of it were gemstones.

Then those who haven't took started feeling sorry for they haven't, and those who have for they haven't took more.

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