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The Dictionary of Australasian Biography/Greeves, Hon. Augustus Frederick Adolphus

Greeves, Hon. Augustus Frederick Adolphus, was one of the first medical men who arrived in Melbourne, of which city he was Mayor in 1849-50. He for some time edited the Port Phillip Gazette, the first regular newspaper published in Melbourne, and was subsequently editor of the Melbourne Morning Herald. He sat in the old single chamber Parliament, and was one of the Select Committee which in 1853-4 drafted the present Constitution of Victoria. He was returned to the first Legislative Assembly of Victoria in 1856 for East Bourke. When the first O'Shanassy Ministry was formed, in April 1857, Dr. Greeves accepted office as Commissioner of Trade and Customs, but failed to secure re-election. The Ministry retired the next month. Dr. Greeves died in Melbourne on May 23rd, 1874.