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The Dictionary of Australasian Biography/Hyde-Harris, John

Hyde-Harris, John, J.P., was born on Nov. 24th, 1825, at Deddington, Oxfordshire, and trained for the law, but emigrated to New Zealand in 1850. He practised as a barrister and solicitor in Otago from 1850 to 1859, when he was appointed District Judge, a position which he held till its abolition in 1862. He was a member of the Provincial Council of Otago from 1853 to 1859, and from 1859 to 1868 was in the Legislative Council of New Zealand. In 1862 he was Deputy-Superintendent of Otago, and in 1863 Superintendent In 1865 he was President of the first New Zealand Exhibition. In the Stafford Ministry he was a member of the Executive Council from Sept. 26th, 1867, to May 13th, 1868, and Solicitor-General from Oct. 26th, 1867, to May 13th, 1868. From 1859 to 1863 he was Resident Magistrate, and was a member of the Council of the University of Otago from 1869. Mr. Hyde-Harris, who married on Sept. 3rd, 1851, Annie Cunningham, second daughter of Captain Cargill, died on July 24th, 1886.