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The Dictionary of Australasian Biography/Lovett, Major Henry Wilton

Lovett, Major Henry Wilton, D.A.A.G., South Australia, served as lieutenant in the Royal Carnarvon Rifles Militia in 1877-8; became second lieutenant in the Prince Albert's 13th Light Infantry in August 1878, and served with the Flying Column throughout the Zulu war, in 1878-9; was present at the battle of Kambula, and the engagement of Zungen Neck, for which he received a medal with clasp; served in the Nile Expedition with the Egyptian army, and, as staff officer of Shellal, was mentioned in despatches, and received a medal with clasp, the Khedive's bronze star, and the 4th class of the Medjidie. He was also officially thanked by General Lord Wolseley for services connected with the purchase of transport. In 1886-7 Captain Lovett served with the 2nd Battalion of the Somersetshire Light Infantry in the Burmese war, and with the Mainhing column to the Shan States, receiving a medal with clasp. Captain Lovett won a first extra certificate in musketry at Hythe, and first certificates in fortification and surveying at Chatham. In Nov. 1888 he was appointed Brigade-Major and Deputy Assistant Adjutant-General of the South Australian military forces, with the local rank of major.