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Pulsford, Edward, was born in 1844 at Burslem, Staffordshire, his father being a Baptist minister. Mr. Pulsford was for many years occupied with mercantile affairs in Hull. In 1883 he decided to settle in Australia, and chose the colony of New South Wales on account of its free trade policy. He arrived in Sydney early in 1884, and has since resided there. Within a few weeks of his arrival he wrote a small work entitled "Thoughts and Suggestions on the Commerce and Progress of New South Wales," which was published and distributed by the Sydney Chamber of Commerce. In 1885, in consequence of a protectionist agitation, the Free Trade Association of New South Wales was formed, and Mr. Pulsford was appointed the secretary. By his pamphlets, papers, letters to the press, and public addresses, he is considered to have been largely instrumental in maintaining the free trade policy of the colony. He was for some time commercial editor of the Sydney Daily Telegraph, and has lately become the proprietor of the Armidale Chronicle, one of the leading country newspapers in New South Wales.