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The Dictionary of Australasian Biography/Sholl, Captain Richard Adolphus

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Sholl, Captain Richard Adolphus, J.P., Postmaster-General, Western Australia, son of Robert John Sholl and Mary Ann (Brockman) his wife, was born on Dec. 18th, 1846, at Bunbury, W.A. He entered the Civil Service of Western Australia as a probation clerk in the Post Office in 1863, and became Chief Clerk of the department in 1873; Chief Clerk and Accountant of the Treasury in 1879; Chief Clerk of the Post Office in 1881; and Postmaster-General in 1889. He became lieutenant in the Metropolitan Rifles in 1875, captain in 1883, and captain commandant in 1888. He was appointed a J.P. of the colony in 1891. Captain Sholl married Mary Howard, daughter of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Sanders, late 30th Regiment.