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The Dictionary of Australasian Biography/Sholl, Lionel Henry

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Sholl, Lionel Henry, J. P., Under-Secretary and Government Statist, South Australia, son of the late William Horatio Sholl, M.R.C.S, and Jane his wife, was born on Sept. 15th, 1844, at Perth, W.A. Having come to South Australia when five years old, he was educated in Adelaide, and entering the Civil Service as a junior clerk in the Public Works Office in July 1858, was appointed clerk in the waterworks department in Jan. 1859, clerk in the Audit Office in Sept. 1863, chief clerk in the Audit Office in Jan. 1872, chief clerk and accountant in the Treasury in July 1874, accountant and receiver of revenue in July 1876, cashier and accountant in July 1879, Under-Treasurer in July 1883, and Under-Secretary and Government Statist in May 1890. Mr. Sholl was married at Wallaroo, S.A., on Feb. 22nd, 1870, to Clara L., second daughter of H. B. Hinton, late surgeon-major her Majesty's Bengal army.