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The Dictionary of Australasian Biography/Tulloch, Major-General Alexander Bruce

Tulloch, Major-General Alexander Bruce, C.B., Commandant of the Victorian military forces, is the son of the late Lieut.-Col. Tulloch, and was born on Sept. 2nd, 1838. He was educated at Sandhurst, and entered the army as ensign 1st Foot, in May 1855. He became lieutenant of that regiment in 1857; captain 96th Foot in 1864; captain 69th Foot in 1866; brevet-major in 1877; major Welsh Regiment in 1881; brevet-lieut.-colonel in 1882; lieut.-colonel Welsh Regiment in 1883; and colonel in the army in 1886, being placed on half-pay in 1888. He was appointed Commandant of the Victorian Military Forces, with the local rank of Major-General, on Sept. 20th, 1889, a position which he still holds. Major-General Tulloch married in 1865 Arabella, daughter of the late Stephen Healis. In 1892 he presided over the commission appointed by the New South Wales Government to inquire into the military condition of that colony.