The Disobedient Kids and other Czecho-Slovak fairy tales/The Frog and Belinka

The Frog and Belinka.

The Frog and Belinka 1.jpg

Once upon a time, there was a little girl, whose name was Belinka. She used to sit under the window in the garden, eating bread and milk from her bowl. One day a little frog came hopping along towards her and stared at her while she enjoyed her sweet milk. He wished that he might have some too. So he hopped up on the table, and placed his two little feet on the bowl, all the time watching Belinka. Then all at once, he darted out his tongue and took a little sip. It tasted so good, that he wanted more. The little girl smiled and thought that it was very cute to see that little tongue darting in and out. It was so very amusing, that she decided to share her meal with the frog. From that time, whenever the little girl had her bread and milk in the garden, the frog was sure to come for his share. Belinka was not so much troubled at first, but one day she noticed that her little friend was eating the milk only. "See here", she said, gently tapping him on the head, "Must you eat the milk only? You must eat the bread too".

The mother hearing Belinka talking to some one, ran out of the house and seeing a frog eating with her child, killed him.

From that time, Belinka ate her bread and milk alone. but she pined for that little frog, who had become such a good playmate. Now she had no one. Her little cheeks began to pale and before another year had rolled round, she had died.