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The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)/Altsheler, Joseph Alexander

ALTSHELER, ält′shā-lėr, Joseph Alexander, American author and journalist: b. Three Springs, Ky., 29 April 1862. He studied at Vanderbilt University and has been connected with the Louisville Courier-Journal and the New York World. His numerous novels are chiefly on American historical subjects and among them are ‘The Sun of Saratoga’ (1897); ‘A Soldier of Manhattan’ (1897); ‘The Last Rebel’ (1899); ‘In Hostile Red’ (1900); ‘In Circling Camps’ (1900); ‘My Captive’ (1902); ‘The Wilderness Road’ (1901); ‘The Candidate’ (1905); ‘The Forest of Swords’ (1915); ‘The Hosts of the Air’ (1915); ‘The Guns of Europe’ (1915).