The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)/Becke, George Lewis

BECKE, George Lewis (Louis Becke), Australian novelist: b. Macquarie, N. S. W., 17 June 1857; d. Sydney, 17 Feb. 1913. He was trader, pilot, labor agent, recruiter for the Kanaka Pacific Islands labor trade, and contributor to the Australian, English and American press. Among his numerous works are ‘By Reef and Palm’ (1894); ‘The Ebbing of the Tide’ (1896); ‘Rodman the Boat-steerer’; ‘Edward Barry’; ‘Tess, the Trader's Wife’; ‘Ridan the Devil’; ‘Breachley: Black Sheep’; ‘Sketches from Normandy’; ‘Pacific Tales’ (1897); ‘Helen Adair’; ‘York the Adventurer’ (1901); ‘Tom Wallis’ (1900); ‘Wild Life in Southern Seas’ (1897); ‘Adventures of James Shervinton’; ‘The Jalasco Brig’; ‘By Rock and Pool’; ‘Clunkie's Flat’; ‘His Native Wife’; ‘Under Tropic Skies’; ‘The Adventures of a Supercargo’; ‘The Gerards’; ‘Notes from My South-Sea Log’; ‘The Tapir of Banderah’ (1901). He also wrote in collaboration with Walter J. Jeffery, ‘The Mutineer’; ‘A First Fleet Family’ (1896); ‘Admiral Philip’ (1899); ‘The Founder of Australia’; ‘The Mystery of the Laughlin Isles’; and ‘The Naval Pioneers of Australia.’