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The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)/Blackmar, Frank Wilson

BLACKMAR, Frank Wilson, American educator, economist and author: b. West Springfield, Pa., 3 Nov. 1854. He studied at the University of the Pacific, and at Johns Hopkins University where he became instructor in history 1887-88 and fellow in history and politics 1888-89. He was appointed professor of history and sociology at the University of Kansas in 1889 and became active in the university extension movement throughout the West, writing and lecturing on history, sociology and economics. He organized the graduate school of the University of Kansas in 1897 and was elected its dean. In 1899 he was appointed professor of sociology and economics. He edited the ‘Cyclopedia of the History of Kansas’ and is author of ‘Spanish Colonization’ (1890); ‘Spanish Institutions in the Southwest’ (1891); ‘History of Higher Education in Kansas’ (1900); ‘Life of Charles Robinson’ (1900); ‘The Elements of Sociology’ (1905); ‘Economics for High Schools’ (1907); ‘Play-grounds and Parks’ (1910).