The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)/Fuller, Andrew

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FULLER, Andrew, an English Baptist clergyman and theologian: b. Wicken, Cambridgeshire, 6 Feb. 1754; d. Kettering, 7 May 1815. He was largely self-educated. He began preaching in 1774 and the next year became pastor at Soham. In 1782 he removed to Kettering where he labored for the rest of his life. Out of his “Monthly Concert,” a meeting for prayer for the conversion of the world, came the Baptist Missionary Society which sent forth William Carey. Mr. Fuller was secretary of the Society from its beginning until his death. He was the author of several theological works. The principal ones are ‘The Catholic and Socinian Systems Compared’ (1793); ‘The Gospel; Its Own Witness’ (1800); ‘Strictures on Sandemanianism’ (1809); ‘Letters on Communion’ (1815). His works were published in 5 vols., London 1831, and a more complete edition in 3 vols., Philadelphia.