The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)/Gilman, Charlotte Perkins Stetson

Edition of 1920. See also Charlotte Perkins Gilman on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

GILMAN, Charlotte Perkins Stetson, American lecturer and writer: b. Hartford, Conn., 1860. She is a daughter of Frederic Beecher and was married to G. H. Gilman in 1900. She is a prominent advocate of equality for women and has published ‘Woman and Economies’ (1898); ‘In This Our World,’ a book of verse (1898); ‘The Yellow Wall Paper’ (1899); ‘Concerning Children’ (1900); ‘What Diantha Did’ (1910); ‘The Man-Made World’ (1910); ‘The Crux’ (1911); ‘Moving the Mountain’ (1911).