The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)/Lord, Herbert Gardiner

LORD, Herbert Gardiner, American philosopher: b. Boston, 29 March 1849. He was the son of the Rev. Daniel Miner Lord and was graduated at Amherst College in 1871 and at the Union Theological Seminary in 1877. He was ordained to the Presbyterian ministry in 1878 and served as pastor of the church of the Redeemer, Buffalo, 1877-95. During 1895-98 he was professor of phifosophy at the School of Pedagogy, University of Buffalo; from 1890 to 1900 was principal of Franklin School, Buffalo; and in 1900 was appointed professor of philosophy at Columbia University. He was one of the joint authors of ‘Essays Philosophical and Psychological in Honor of William James’; and is the author of ‘The Psychology of Courage’ (1918).