The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)/Newbery, John

Edition of 1920. See also John Newbery on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

NEWBERY, John, English publisher and bookseller: b. Waltham Saint Lawrence, Berkshire, 1713; d. London, 22 Dec. 1767. Going to London he began in 1745, in Saint Paul's Churchyard, the publishing and selling of books, which he combined with the sale of patent medicines. He also published The Universal Chronicle and Weekly Gazette, in which Johnson's ‘Idlers’ appeared, and The Public Ledger, in which Goldsmith's ‘Citizen of the World’ was printed. Newbery made a specialty of books for children, and published the ‘Juvenile Library,’ a choice collection of volumes, among which were ‘Goody Two Shoes,’ ‘Tommy Trip and His Dog Jowler’ and other surviving favorites. He was also publisher of the first religious periodical The Christian Magazine.