The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)/Stevens, John Austin (author)

Edition of 1920. See also John Austin Stevens on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

STEVENS, John Austin, American author: b. New York, 21 Jan. 1827; d. 16 June 1910. He was graduated at Harvard in 1848, when he entered commercial life, becoming secretary of the New York Chamber of Commerce (1862-68), and later, librarian of the New York Historical Society. He was founder of the Society of the Sons of the Revolution and the Loyal League, and was the founder and for many years editor of The Magazine of American History (1877-83). He wrote ‘The Expedition of Lafayette against Arnold’; ‘The Burgoyne Campaign’; ‘Progress of New York in a Century’; ‘The French in Rhode Island’ and ‘Life of Albert Gallatin,’ ‘The Valley of the Rio Grande’; ‘Colonial Records of the New York Chamber of Commerce’; ‘New York City.’