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The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)/Wilcox, Ella Wheeler

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WILCOX, Ella Wheeler, American poet: b. Johnstown Centre, Wis., 1855; d. South Beach, Conn., 30 Oct. 1919. She was educated at the University of Wisconsin and in 1884 began her literary career by contributing to the periodical press, and her work has been widely read and extensively reprinted. ‘Poems of Passion’ (1883) gave her a national reputation. Her verse has been widely published in daily newspapers. In recent years she dealt more and more with subjects pertaining to the higher life, the brotherhood of man, faith in a future life, reincarnation, etc. Among her other publications, in verse, are ‘Drops of Water’ (1872); ‘Maurine and Other Poems’ (1876); ‘Poems of Pleasure’ (1887); ‘The Beautiful Land of Nod’ (1892), etc. She also wrote the novels ‘Mal Moulée’ (1885); ‘A Double Life’ (1890); ‘An Erring Woman's Love’ (1892); ‘The Story of a Literary Career’ (1904); ‘Poems of Sentiment’ (1906); ‘Poems of Progress and New Thought Pastels’ (1910); ‘Sailing Sunny Seas’ (1911); ‘Historical Mother Goose’ (1914); ‘Poems of Problems’ (1914); ‘The World and I’ (1919).