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The Legend of 'Eudo Dapifer'. By J. H. Round, LL.D. 1
A Petition to Boniface VIII from the Clergy of the Province of Canterbury. By Miss Rose Graham 35
Council and Cabinet, 1679–88. By Godfrey Davies 47
Sheriffs in the Pipe Roll of 31 Henry I. By Curtis H. Walker 67
A Proposal for Arbitration between Simon de Montfort and Henry III in 1260. By E. F. Jacob 80, 320
The Death of Henry of Blois, Bishop of Winchester. By the Rev. H. E. Salter 79
Early Notes of Fines. By R. C. Fowler, O.B.E. 82
A Visitation of Westminster in 1444. By V. H. Galbraith 83
Excerpts from the Register of Louvain University from 1485 to 1527. By Père H. de Vocht 89, 320
A General Court of the Merchant Adventurers in 1547. By W. P. M. Kennedy, Litt.D. 105
The Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian and the Crown of Greece in 1863. By D. Dawson 107
Reviews of Books
Short Notices 137


The Sheriffs and the Administrative System of Henry I. By William A. Morris 161
The Great Statute of Praemunire. By W. T. Waugh 173
The Transition to the Factory System. By George Unwin 206, 391
Lord Bryce. By Ernest Barker, D.Litt., LL.D. 219
St. Benet of Holme and the Norman Conquest. By F. M. Stenton 225
The Text of the Ordinance of 1184 concerning an Aid for the Holy Land. By W. E. Lunt 235
Law Merchant in London in 1292. By H. G. Richardson 242
The Stamford Schism. By the Rev. H. E. Salter 249
The Capture of Lord Rivers and Sir Anthony Woodville in 1460. By Miss Cora L. Scofield 253
A Declaration before the Ecclesiastical Commissioners in 1562. By W. P. M. Kennedy, Litt.D. 256
The Social Status of the Clergy in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. By the Rev. C. H. Mayo, D.Litt. 258
Reviews of Books:
The Witch-Cult in Western Europe. A Study in Anthropology. By Margaret Alice Murray
Short Notices 291


Scutage under Edward I. By Miss Helen M. Chew 321
Council, Star Chamber, and Privy Council under the Tudors: I. The Council. By A. F. Pollard, D.Lit. 337
The Highland Forts in the 'Forty-Five'. By C. L. Kingsford 361
'King Harold's Books'. By Charles H. Haskins, Litt.D., LL.D. 398
Annales Radingenses Posteriores. By C. W. Previté-Orton 400
Some Lost Pleas of 1195. By G. H. Fowler, C.B.E. 403
Communitas Villae. By Miss Joan Wake 406
Twelve Medieval Ghost-stories. By the Provost of Eton 413
The Mission of Cardinal Pole to enforce the Bull of Deposition against Henry VIII. By the Rev. Paul van Dyke, D.D. 422
Reviews of Books
Short Notices 460


The 'Domesday' Roll of Chester. By R. Stewart-Brown 481
Marsiglio of Padua. Part I: Life. By C. Kenneth Brampton 501
Council, Star Chamber, and Privy Council under the Tudors: II. The Star Chamber. By A. F. Pollard, D.Lit. 516
Daniel of Morley. By Lynn Thorndike 540
The Earl of Warwick at Calais in 1460. By C. L. Kingsford 544
A Calendar of the Correspondence of Sir Thomas More. By Miss Elizabeth Frances Rogers 546
An Early Grant to Sebastien Cabot. By A. P. Newton, D.Lit. 564
The Birth of Thomas North. By P. S. Allen 565
Some Early Foreign Office Registers in the Public Record Office. By C. S. B. Buckland 567
Reviews of Books 569
Short Notices 607
Index 631

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