The Galaxy/Volume 24


A Magazine of Entertaining Reading.


JUNE, 1877, TO JANUARY, 1878.


Sheldon & Company,


Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1877, by
in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.

Typography of Churchwell & Trall.Electrotyped by Smith & McDougal.


About Dreams C. B. Lewis 95
Abraham Lincoln, Administration of Gideon Welles 437, 608, 733
After the Fall S. M. Spalding 333
American Army, The F. Whittaker 300
Americanisms Richard Grant White 376
Arabesque Emma Lazarus 70
Army Organization in the United States R. Williams 594
Before the Mirror Paul H. Hayne 755
Bronze, The Age of John Austin Stevens 628
Brown Study, A L. W. Backus 827
Charlotte Bronte Amanda B. Harris 41
Civil Service Reform John I. Platt 654
Conflict in the East, The Irrepressible Thomas M. Anderson, U. S. A. 689
Current Literature 135, 275, 418, 564, 707, 851
Country Home on the Hudson, A Day at a James Manning Winchell 84
"Depression in Business," The Charles P. Metcalfe 82
Doubt Barton Grey 688
Dream of Anglo-Saxondom, A J. E. Chamberlain 788
Drift-Wood Philip Quilibet 123, 261, 405, 552, 694, 839
Traits of the Modern Stage; The Trade in Diplomas; Hebrews and Hotels; Fortunes by Advertisement; The Eastern War; Ancient Connecticut; Vacation Prattle; The Struggle in the Orient; Turk and Indian; A Man's Aim and Success; The War; The Fourth Estate and the First.
Edwin Forrest Lawrence Barrett 526
England, The Heart of Richard Grant White 115
European Politics, Forces in George E. Pond 229
Farm Lane, The Alfred B. Street 259
"Federal Language," The Richard Grant White 681
Figures of Speech Henry W. Frost 204
Fitz James and the Widow M. E. W. S. 640
Florentine Arithmetician, The Richard Grant White 806
George Sand Henry James, Jr 45
Golden Age, The William Preston Johnston 791
Gospel of Culture, The Titus Munson Coan 5
Grotesque Emma Lazarus 770
Has the Day of Great Navies Passed? Isaac Newton 293
Her Oath Philip Bourke Marston 603
History, The Embroidery of G. E. Pond 71
Hymnology, Freaks of F. B. A. 662
Inez de Castro R. Davey 305
Ivory and its Imitations E. T. Lander 792
Les Chatiments Lucy H. Hooper 345
Life Kate A. Sanborn 543
London, The Picture Season in Henry James, Jr 149
Love From the German 593
Lucia Bertonelli Edwin Ellis 322
Mary Ann's Mind Rose Terry Cooke 241
Maturity Mary B. Dodge 624
Max and Myself Alice Ainslee 772
Miss Misanthrope Justin McCarthy 16, 162, 357, 482
Mocking Bird, The Sidney Lanier 161
Naval Warfare E. Simpson 512
Nebulæ 145, 287, 431, 575, 720, 864
Nez Perce War, The F. L. M. 817
Oddities, A Chapter of H. J. C, 384
Our Ice Man Nora Perry 101
Our Near Neighbor Charles W. Raymond 544
Our Witch Emily Read 535
Philosophy Ella Wheeler 304
Pointe D'Alencon Lizzie W. Champney 519
Public Assemblies, Hidden Influences in R. Cordery 625
Rebuke, The Emily E. Ford 199
Richard Wagner, To Sidney Lanier 653
Rose, A Ella Farman 219
Scientific Miscellany Prof. John A. Church 127, 265, 409, 556, 698, 843
Automaton Talkers; Bridling Niagara; The Best Professional Training; Australian Wonders; Protection Against Fire; Mountain Observatories; Some New Elements; The Eyes of School Children; The Agassiz Museum; Mining in Nova Scotia; Science in Illinois; Polar Effects of Continental Masses; A New Cotton Plant; The Zoological Gardens at Philadelphia; A Suggestion for Gaseous Fuel; The Undermining of Springs; An Old Arctic Continent; Yellow Fever and its Cause; The Water Supply of Cities; The Iridescent Alteration of Glass; Mapping Unhealthy Houses; The Rarity of Color Blindness; The Production of Vortex Rings in Liquids; Some Food Analyses; Accurate Counterfeiting; The Law of Friction; The Island of Ceylon; The Oxidizing Power of Charcoal; Measurements of the Earth; Subterranean Lakes; A Grave of the Lake Dwellers; A Point in Technical Education; Hearing in Birds and Insects; Color of Soil in Relation to Crops; A Flowing Quicksand; The Ethnologist in Lapland; Vandalism in Official Quarters; The Title of Iron Products; Diamond Fields in Australia; The Peninsular Form of Southern Land; The International Metric Standard; Nitro-Glycerine Powders; Ventilating Coal Cargoes.—An Adverse Decision; Wire Cloth for the Protection of Miners; The Value of Straw as a Fuel; Singular Electrical Phenomena; Influence of Valleys on Health; The Heat of Gunpowder in Explosion; Kelp Burning in Scotland; The Formation of Veins; Old Rivers Utilized; Meteoric Dust in Deep-Sea Clays; Huxley's Idea of a Museum; Polynesian Islanders; The Relation of Gold and Silver; The Cause of Scurvy; The Moons of Mars; A Doubtful Date; The Air of the Ocean Depths; Zoological Gardens at Calcutta; Blast Furnace Gas Analysis; The Speaking Rate of Orators; Sunset Meteorology; Steppe Lands in Europe and America; Anomaly of the Law in 1877; Metals in the Sedimentary Rocks; A Decision against Spontaneous Generation; The Use of Aniline Colors; Man Not Economical as a Machine; The Origin of Diphtheria; The Summer Tornadoes; The Artistic Hand; Vertical Jets at Niagara; + I L D; A Reported Aboriginal Image; Prof. Draper's Discovery of Oxygen in the Sun; A New Source of Rocks; Michigan Lake Water; French Hydraulic Works; Stanley's Latest Discovery; A Choice in Cows; The Permeability of Building Materials; Photographing Metallic Spectra; The Telephone; The Blue Gum Tree; Inventions at Auction; Scientific Items.
Shall the American Girl be Chaperoned? Albert Rhodes 451
Sleep after Death Mary Ainge De Vere 680
Strange Adventure of Lieutenant Yergunof A. Venner 459
Stratford-on-Avon, A Visit to Richard Grant White 250
Suburbs of London, The Henry James, Jr 778
Tariff Question, The Horace White 501
Testamentary Bequests and Requests H. J. C. 476
Temperance Question, The Albert Rhodes 313
Thou and I Mary Ainge De Vere 15
Three Excursions Henry James, Jr. 346
Three-Story Story of a Box, The Jane Q. Austin 745
Truth about the Strike, The Robert P. Porter 725
Tuscan Maremma, Five Days in the 581
Typical Turks Henry O. Dwight 211
United States, The Municipal Debt of the Robert P. Porter 399
Unrecognized Mary Ainge De Vere 481
Venice S. G. Young 334
Victor Hugo, An Evening with Gilman C. Fisher 200
Warwickshire, In Henry James, Jr 671
Wooing M. L. H. 450
Your Pearls E. B. Russell 375
Youth of Charles Sumner, The Lucy C. White 756
Zizi, the Little Detective Frances T. Richardson 61