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  1. Joshu's Dog
  2. Hyakujo's Fox
  3. Gutei's Finger
  4. A Beardless Foreigner
  5. Kyogen Mounts the Tree
  6. Buddha Twirls a Flower
  7. Joshu Washes the Bowl
  8. Keichu's Wheel
  9. A Buddha before History
  10. Seizei Alone and Poor
  11. Joshu Examines a Monk in Meditation
  12. Zuigan Calls His Own Master
  13. Tokusan Holds His Bowl
  14. Nansen Cuts the Cat in Two
  15. Tozan's Three Blows
  16. Bells And Robes
  17. The Three Calls Of The Emperor's Teacher
  18. Tozan's Three Pounds
  19. Everyday Life Is The Path
  20. The Enlightened Man
  21. Dried Dung
  22. Kashapa's Preaching Sign
  23. Do Not Think Good, Do Not Think Not-Good
  24. Without Words, Without Silence
  25. Preaching From The Third Seat
  26. Two Monks Roll Up The Screen
  27. It Is Not Mind, It Is Not Buddha, It Is Not Things
  28. Blow Out The Candle
  29. Not The Wind, Not The Flag
  30. This Mind Is Buddha
  31. Joshu Investigates
  32. A Philosopher Asks Buddha
  33. This Mind Is Not Buddha
  34. Learning Is Not The Path
  35. Two Souls
  36. Meeting A Zen Master On The Road
  37. A Buffalo Passes Through The Enclosure
  38. An Oak Tree In The Garden
  39. Ummon's Sidetrack
  40. Tipping Over A Water Vase
  41. Bodhidharma Pacifies The Mind
  42. The Girl Comes Out From Meditation
  43. Shuzan's Short Staff
  44. Basho's Staff
  45. Who Is He?
  46. Proceed From The Top Of The Pole
  47. Three Gates Of Tosotsu
  48. One Road Of Kembo
  49. Amban's Addition