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  1. Prefatory note
  2. Contents
  3. Illustrations
  4. Introduction: The History of Music in General
  5. Primitive or Savage Music
  6. Semi-Civilized Music
  7. Greek and Roman Music
  8. The Rise of Christian Music
  9. Polyphony and Secular Song
  10. The Fifteenth Century
  11. The Venetian and Roman Schools
  12. Church Music in Northern and Western Europe
  13. Secular Music. Instruments. Theory
  14. The Early Musical Drama
  15. The Expansion of Dramatic Music
  16. Progress in Church Music
  17. The Organ Style
  18. The Violin. Musical Literature
  19. Church Music in Bach's Time
  20. The Culmination of the Early Italian Opera
  21. Instruments and Instrumentalists
  22. Forms of Composition. Theory. Literature.
  23. Haydn. The Sonata and the Orchestra
  24. Gluck and the Dramatic Reform
  25. Mozart and the Exaltation of Melody
  26. The Rise of Pianism. Sacred Music.
  27. Theoretical and Literary Progress
  28. The Advent of Beethoven
  29. The Romantic Opera and the Song
  30. Italian and French Opera
  31. Instrumental Virtuosity
  32. Church and Organ Music
  33. Growth of Musical Literature
  34. Schumann and Romanticism
  35. Mendelssohn and the Leipsic Circle
  36. New Lights upon Pianism
  37. The Opera Aside from Wagner
  38. Wagner and the Reconstruction of the Opera
  39. Symphonists and Instrumentalists
  40. Choral Music. The Song. The English School
  41. Musical Education and Literature
  42. Brief Sketch of the Later Nineteenth Century
  43. Index of Subjects and Places
  44. Index of Persons

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