The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Abdul Karim Khan

Abdul Karim Khan, Nawab of Bastinagar; born, 1877; succeeded to title, 1903; the founder of the estate was Nawab Dildar Khan, the third son of Nawab Diler Khan, who built the city of Shahjahanpur and acquired a large Jagir in the Shahabad and Sara Parganas during the reign of Aurangazib. In 1871, the holder of the estate having died without male issue, it descended to his widow Begum Amanat Fatima; the Begum died in 1903, and bequeathed the estate to her sister’s son Abdul Karim Khan; the title was deemed to have lapsed in default of direct succession, but it was restored in 1907 on the representation of the British Indian Association. The estate comprises 29 villages and 6 shares in Hardoi. Address: Bastinagar, Hardoi.