The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Aitken, Colonel William

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Aitken, Colonel William, born, 1840; son of James Aitken of Falkirk, N.B. Educated at Edinburgh Academy and Heidelberg; entered the Royal Artillery, 1867; Captain, 1878; in Afghan War, 1878-80: Muhsud Waziri expedition, 1881; Major, 1888; Burma expedition, 1885-87; Brevet Lt. Colonel in the Chitral Relief Force, 1895; C.B.; Brevet Colonel, 1897; served with the Malakand field force, and in the Mohmand and Buner expeditions, 1897-8; commanded the Mountain Artillery, Rawalpindi, Punjab, till 1899; A.D.C. to His Majesty and Colonel on the staff, commanding R.A., Scottish District, 1899-1903; retired, 1903. Recreation: shooting and golfing. Address: Innergillie, Ansthruther, Fife.