The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Akbar, Bakhat, Mirza

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Akbar, Bakhat, Mirza; born, 1866; educated at the Queen’s College, Benares; belongs to ex-Royal family of Delhi and is the 5th in descent from Prince Jawan Bakht, also known as Mirza Jahand Shah, the eldest son and heir-apparent to Emperor Shah Alam of Delhi; a Durbarri exempted from the operations of the Arms Act; Honorary Magistrate; Chairman of the Muslim League, Benares; Vice Chairman of the Girl’s School and Parchae Karigaran of Benares; married a daughter of the late Prince Mohammad Wabaj-ud-din Shah, of the House of Tippu Sultan of Mysore, and brother to Prince Mahommad Bakhtiyar Shah, C.I.E.. Address: Shiwala, Benares.