The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Amar Singh, Sardar

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Amar Singh, Sardar; born, 1856; the Sardar's father, Deva Singh, was in the service of the Maharaja Ranjit Singh; he joined the British in the Sikh War and rendered them valuable assistance. When the Punjab Military Police was formed, Deva Singh was chosen to raise and command the 7th Police Battalion at Amritsar; was granted the Star of the Order of British India with the title of Sardar Bahadur and a personal allowance of Rs. 1,200 a year. After the re-organization of the Punjab Police, Deva Singh retired with a pension of Rs. 3,000 a year and a grant of 600 acres of land with perpetual proprietary right; present Sardar was once Secretary to the Local Board of Zira; is a Provincial Durbarri, and zaildar of his ilaka. Address: Mansurwal, Ferozepur.