The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Autar Singh

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Autar Singh, Sardar; Extra-Assistant Commmisioner, Punjab; born 1884 and succeeded to the estate in 1903; his grandfather Colonel Jivan Singh was entirely on the British side in the Second Sikh War; after the annexation of the Punjab, the British Government confirmed him in his position of commandant and also granted him a personal monthly allowance of Rs. 300; shortly afterwads Colonel Jivan Singh was murdered in the streets of Amritsar, while engaged in quelling a disturbance; on receiving the news of the murder, the Governor-General described his loss as "a public loss to the State he had served so well". He also sanctioned the continuance of the monthly allowance of Rs. 300 to the male heirs of Colonel Jivan Singh in perpetuity and granted payments of cash pensions to certain members of the family. Address: Kalaswar, Kangra.