The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Bannerman, Hon. William Burney

Bannerman, Hon. William Burney, M.D., D.Sc, C.S.I., Surgeon General, Madras; Born. 1858; joined service as surgeon (on probation), Netley, 1883: Deputy Surgeon-General, His Majesty's Forces, Secunderabad, 1884: Surgeon, 4th Regiment M.I. Pioneers, Secunderabad, 1885; In medical charge of No. 2 Bombay Mountain Battery and Civil Dispensery, Thall Chotiali, Baluchistan, 1886; same year was attached to 4th M.I., Pioneers, Trichinopoly; general duty, No. 20 Field, Upper Burma, Mandalay, 1886; general duty. Madras, 1889; in Medical charge, Left Wing, M.I., Berhampore, 1891; Inspector of Vaccination and Deputy Sanitary Commissioner, Madras, 1893; promoted to Surgeon Major, 1895; Services temporarily placed at the disposal of Government of India, Home Dept, from 16th May 1898; reverted to Madras Service and was Superintendent of Plague Hospitals in Madras from 4th to 17th March 1899; on Plague duty with Dr. Haffkine, 20th March 1899; on duty, Plague Research Laboratory, 1st March 1899; Superintendent, Research Laboratory, 1900; promoted Lieutenant Colonel 1903; on special duty with the Surgeon-General, Bombay, 5th to 30th November 1909; Superintendent, the King Institute of Preventive Medicin, 1903; Superintendent, the King Institute, and Professor of Bacteriology, Madras Medical College, 1904; Director, Bombay Bacteriological Laboratory (change in designation), 1906; Brevet Colonel, 1911; reverted to Madras Service and appointed as Surgeon General with the Government of Madras, 1912; on Deputation in England from 2Sth September 1913; returned and resumed duties, November 1912. Address: Madras.