The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Benson, Percy Hugh

Benson, Percy Hugh, M.B., C.M., M.R.C.S., M.S., Retired Surgeon-General, Madras; Born, 1852; Entered service in the Madras General Hospital, 1874; Zilla Surgeon with medical charge of Central Jail, Coimbatore, 1875; Medical Officer in charge of H.R.H. the Prince of Wales’ Camp, Annamalai Hills Septer. 1875; Doing duty with C. 9th Battery Royal Artillery, Bangalore, November 1875; acted in Vizianagaram and Bimlipatam till 1876; transferred to Mysore service and posted as Civil Surgeon-Shimoga, 1876-79; Civil Surgeon and Supdt of Mysore and Keekarapalli Jails and Chemical Analyst, Mysore, 1880; Residency Surgeon, Bangalore, 1881; acted in various other places in the State and became Senior Surgeon and Sanitary Commissioner, Mysore 1892; on duty with H.H. the Maharaja from 13th December 1893 to 5th March 1894; Surgeon Lieutenant-Colonel, 1894: again on duty with H.H. the Maharaja till 3rd January 1895; Senior Surgeon, and ex-officio Sanitary Commissioner and Inspector-General of Prisons, Bangalore, 1901; transferred to Burma Service, 1902; transferred to Military Department and appointed as Principal Medical Officer, Madras Brigade, 1904; Principal Medical Officer, Banga-Officer, Madras Brigade, 1905; reverted to Madras service and appointed as Surgeon-General with the Government of Madras, April 1906, Retired, 1908. Address: c/o India Office, London.