The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Bhavanagar, His Highness the Thakur Sahib of; Sir Bhavsinghji Takhtsinghji

Bhavanagar, His Highness the Thakur Sahib of; Sir Bhavsinghji Takhtsinghji, K.C.S.I.; son of late Maharaja Sir Takhtsinghji, G.C.S.I; born, 1875, succeeded to gaddi, 1896; was for sometime educated at the Rajkot Rajkumar College and was then placed under the guardianship of Mr. Stuart M. Frazer, C.I.E., I.C.S., Claims descent from the great Salivahana, of the Shaka Dynasty. During the time of the father of the present Ruler, the administration of the state was improved in all directions and the State Railway, the organisation of the State Council, the raising of the State Lancers and the opening up of communications, etc. received good attention. The State is a first class one in Kathiawar; it has an area of 2,860 squire miles, a population of 500,000 and a revenue of over 45 lakhs including the income from the State Railway, owned and managed by the Durbar. The Maharaja has toured extensively in India and Ceylon, and has undergone a course of military training in Poona. Was Commandant of the State Lancers, and Extra Member of the State Executive Council, 1894; opened famine relief works employing 16,000 persons and personally visited the affected areas in the State, 1897; at the last Boer War, he furnished 100 trained horses and equipment and 50 men for "Lumsden's Horse;" improved the Port of Bhavanagar, where now vessels are able to discharge, a Dock and a wharf having been constructed; has carried out Railway extentions in the State; has founded scholarships for the study of agricultural science; is entitled to a salute of 11 guns. Address: "Nilambag Palace", Bhavanagar.