The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Bhunesh Partab Singh, Raja

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Bhunesh Partab Singh, Raja; Born, 1884, succeeded to title 1904; head of the younger branch of the Sarnet clan of Rajputs founded by Chandar Sen; Rundhir Singh, the youngest son of Chandra Sen, was the first to receive the estate of Unaula for his share. Of the history of the descendants of Randhir Singh, very little is known, except that they provided heirs for the Bansiline on two different occasions; Raja Harihar Surparaz Singh was in possession of the Estate when the District of Gorakhpur was ceded to the British. The Raja having been left in undisturbed possession of his property after the Mutiny of 1857, the Estate has now come in possession of the present holder. Comprises 65 villages in the district of Gorakhpur, paying an annual revenue of Rs. 11,379. The title of Raja has been recognised. Address: Unaula, Gorakhpur, U.P.