The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Bhupendra Bahadur Singh, Raja, of Kautit

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Bhupendra Bahadur Singh, Raja, of Kautit; born, 1863; educated at Queen’s College, Benares; succeeded to the Estate, 1893; claims descent from the Kings of Kanauj; the family settled in Benares and obtained their possessions in Mirzapur from the Bhars. In 1758, Bikramajit Singh, the head of the family, was ejected by Raja Bahvant Singh of Benares. The property, however, was regained after the flight of Chet Singh, when Govind Singh, son of Bikramajit Singh, was awarded a Malicana allowance of Rs. 87,000/. This was afterwards exchanged for Bijapur. In the time of Jagat Bahadur Singh, the estate was taken over by the Court of Wards. Soon after Jagat Bahadur Singh died and his son Rajendra Bahadur Singh died just as the estate was about to be handed over to him. The whole estate comprises 400 villages and shares in thirteen others in the district of Mirzapur. Hereditary title of Raja recognised by Government, 1781. The Raja has contributed liberally to the Mirzapur Town Hall, hospital, and the water works. Address: Bejpur, Mirzapur, U.P.