The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Bidle, Surgeon-General George

Bidle, Surgeon-General George, M.B., C.I.E. (1883); Hon. Surgeon to Viceroy of India (1887); Hon. Surgeon to the Queen, 1898; Hon. Surgeon to the King, 1901: Surgeon-General, Madras, 1886-90: b. Backies, Banffshire, 1830; m. Isabella (d. 1906), d. of Alex. Wiseman, Banchory, Aberdeenshire, 1854; two s. five d. Educ.: locally and at Aberdeen Grammar School: M.B. 1853; L.R.A.S. and L.M. Edinburgh, 1853; Fellow of and late Pres. of Medical Faculty, Madras Univ,; F.Z.S.; Memb. of the Board for Civil Service Exams., Madras; Appointed to the Madras Medical Service, 1856; served with Madras Artillery and 12th Ryl. Lancers, 1856-58; 1st Infantry Hyderabad Contingent, 1858-60; on Field Service Mutiny (medal and good servic, pension). Professor of Botany and Materia Medica, Madras Medical College; Superintendent, Lunatic Asylum, Madras, 1866 70; Secretary and Statistical Officer 1870-83: with con-joint charge Govt. Central museum: to which he got added a Free Public Library. 1872-85; Deputy Surg. Gen. and in charge of British Burma Division, 1884; Sanitary Cominissioner, Madras, 1885-86; Surg-Gen, 1886; decorated for the discovery in 1867 of a preventive for an insect best which treatened the extinction of the Coffee Plantations in Southern India; Member of Madras Committee for framing scheme of technical education. Publications: Report on the Ravages of Corer insect on Coffee Estates, 1869 Handbook of Practical Pharmacy, 2nd ed. 1883; Catalogue of Gold Coins in Government Central Museum Madras, 1874; Neilgherry Parasitical Plan destructive to Forest and Fruit trees, 1875; Descriptive Catalogue of Raw Products of S. India sent to Paris Exhibition, 1878 (gold medal); Native Dyes of Madras, 1879; Pagoda or Varaha Coins of S. India, 1883; Sand-binding Plan of Southern India, 1883. Recreations: zoology, botany, angling. Address: Carmore, Bridge of Allan, N.C.: Madras Club.