The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Bisheshar Nath, Diwan Bahdr, Dewan of Rajgarh

Bisheshar Nath, Diwan Bahdr, Dewan of Rajgarh. Born, 1847; Educated in Government College, Delhi; Entered Service as an Inspector in the Commissariat Dept. and proceeded to Abyssinia with the expedition of 1867-68; Served as Accountant in P.W.D.; Services lent to Indore Durbar, 1891; worked as Accountant in the Residency and became Member of Council; Retired from Government Service in 1899; appointed Superintendent of Dewas (Senior Br.) 1900; K.I.H. Medal 1902; Appointed to Rajgarh State, 1902; Durbar Medal of 1903 and 1911; Rai Bahadur. 1907; Diwan Bahadur, 1911. Address: Rajgarh, Bhopal Agency, C.I.