The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Bobbili, Maharajah of; Sir Venkata Svetachalapati Ranga Row

Bobbili, Maharajah of; Sir Venkata Svetachalapati Ranga Row K.C.I.E., Zamindar of Bobbili; 1862; 3rd son of the Raja of Venkatagiri, and was adopted into the Bobbili family in 1871; Married thrice; Heir: Kumara Raja of Bobbili; Educated under the late Dr. J. Marsh, of Tanjore and Jeypore; took charge of Estate, 1881 and has proved a vigorous manager; raised the local middle school to the status of high school, 1882; built Victoria Market, Bobbili, 1887; the Mahal, a most pleasantly situated house to the S.W. of the town, 1888. Travelled in N. India 1883-84; visited Europe, 1893 and was presented to Her late Majesty Queen Victoria, in whose honour he built the Victoria Town Hall, Bobbili: built Ghosha Hospital there, 1894 and gave Rs. 20,000 for it; endowed beds in Madras Ghosha Hospital, 1875-6; contributed Rs. 10,000 to the Indian Famine Fund 1876-7; title of Raja recognised as hereditary in his family by Government of India. 1890 K.C.I.E., 1895; Member of Legislative Council, Madras, 1890 1898; Maharajah, 1900; chosen one of the two Madras representatives at the Coronation of King Edward VII, 1902. Maintains a caste girl school, and has improved and enlarged his estate materially. Member of Executive Council, Madras, 1910-1911. Publications: Account of Bobbili Zamindari, Advice to Zamindars, “Diary in Europe”, etc. Address: Bobbili, Vizagapatam District, Madras Presidency; Gopal Bag, Mount Road, Madras.