The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Bookey, Col. John Trench Brownrigg

Bookey, Col. John Trench Brownrigg, C.C., 1900; Indian Medical Service; late Surgeon to the Viceroy; retired 1902; b. Carnew, Co. Wicklow, Ireland, 1847; s. of Dr. Bookey; m. 1892. Educ.: Trinity College, Dublin. L.R.C.P. Edin. L.R.C.S.I; Entered I.M.S., 1872; served with the Punjab Frontier Force from 1873-1900; appointed P.M.O. Presy. Dist., 1900; Colonel 1900 served in the Jowaki Afrid, Expedition, 1877-78: Mahsud Waziri, 1881; Burmah, 1886-87; Hazara Black Mountain, 1888: Miranzai, 1891: Mahsud Waziri, 1894-95 Malakand Field Forces 1897; Tirah, 1897-98; China Expeditionary Force, 1900. Address: c/o Grindlay & Co., 54 Parliament Street, S.W. Club: East India United Service.