The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Chandar Shekar, Raja of Sissaindi

Chandar Shekar, Raja of Sissaindi; b. 1860; succeeded to title, 1873; belongs to a very high family of Brahmins, being a Tiwari Daman of Misrakhera. The founder of the family was Lai Mohan, chakladar of Baiswara, in 1883. His grandson Kashi Prasad acquired Sissaindi by right of inheritance and he became chakladar of Purwa in 1853. He remained loyal to the British in the Mutiny of 1857 and was specially mentioned in Lord Canning’s Proclamation of 1858 as one of the six loyal Taluqdars. He received a khilat of Rs. 2000 and the confiscated estate of Dadaka, in Unao. He was also granted a remission of ten per cent on the revenue. He was succeeded by his adopted son, the present holder. The estate comprises 28 villages and five pattis in Lucknow, 22 villages and 4 pattis in Unao, and one village in Rae Bareli. The title of Raja was recognised as hereditary inm 1877. Address: Sissaindi, Lucknow.