The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Chattarji, Khetra Nath

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Chattarji, Khetra Nath, Rai Bahadur, M.I.C.E., Retired Executive Engineer: b. 1838: educ. at the Agra High School and College; entered Government service as second class Assistant Engineer; rose to the rank of Executive Engineer; retired, 1890. Has acquired Zamindari property; is a Fellow of the Calcutta University: Member of the Alipur District Board; Honorary Magistrate and Vice-Chairman of the Baraset Municipality; holds a certificate of honor granted in 1903; Rai Bahadur, 1909. Publications: “Homeopathic Sarala Chikitsa”, “Griha Chikitsa”, “Sar”, “Sankshep Charak Samhita”, etc. Address: Gustia, Baraset.