The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Chhartasinghji Gambhirsinghji, His Highness Maharana Shri Raja of Rajpipla

Chhartasinghji Gambhirsinghji, His Highness Maharana Shri Raja of Rajpipla; b. 1801; educ. at the Rajkot College; Succeeded to gaddy, 1897. Area of the State, 1,517 Sq miles; population, 120,000; Capital, Nandod. The founder of the family is said to be one Chokarana, a Rajput of the Paramara tribe, who left his country and established himself in the village of Pipla, in the most inaccessible part of the hill to the west of the present town of Nandod. His daughter married a Rajput of the Gohul tribe and the union was blessed with two sons, the elder son being the founder of the Bharnalar State and the younger of this State. In 1821, disputes arose in the family as to succession. The British Government interfered and chose Verisalji. The present Raja after completing his education, began to qualify himself to his place by serving as Magistrate and Revenue Officer in several sub-divisions of his State. He then undertook tours to England and the Continent. Between the years 1899-1902, the Raja has spent a sum of over nine lakhs in famine relief works. The Raja is invested with first class powers and is entitled to a salute of 11 guns. This State lies in the Agency of Rewa Kantha. Address: Rajpipla, Rewa Kantha Agency, Bombay Presidency, India.