The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Cooke, Theodore

Cooke, Theodore; C.I.E. (1891); M.A. LL.D. P.G.S. F.L.S. Director of Public Instruction, Bombay, (retired); b. 1836; s. of Rev. John Cooke, Rector of Ardinan, Co. Tipperary: educ: at Dublin University; went to India as Engineer of the B.B.&C.I. Railway, 1860: erected the Bassein Bridge, 1865; Principal of Civil Engineering College, Poona, 1865: officiated thrice as Director of Public Instruction, Bombay Director of Botanical Survey of Western India, and Director of Agriculture, Bombay; Fellow of the Bombay University; retired, 1893: Sub-Director of the Imperial Institute. Publications: Manual of Heat, Manual of Geology, Flora of Bombay Presidency; Address: Potswood House, New Gardens.