The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Cooper, Lt.-Col. Sir William Earnshaw

Cooper, Lt.-Col. Sir William Earnshaw, Kt., (1903); C.I.E., (1897); Hon. Col. Cawnpore Volunteer Rifle Corps; managing partner. Cooper, Allen and Co., Cawnpore, India; b. 1843; Commanded 5th Administrative Batt. N.W.P. Volunteers for several years; President Upper India Chamber of Commerce, 1889-99: Member, Legislative Council, 1893-1900. Publications: The Murder of Agriculture; Socialism and its Perils, 1908; Britain for the Briton, 1909; England’s Need, 1910 etc. Address: Cawnpore, U.P., India; Hume Towers, Bournemouth.