The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Cory, Ven. Charles Page

Cory, Ven. Charles Page, Archdeacon of Rangoon since 1907. Educ.: St. John’s College, Cambridge (M.A.). Ordained 1883; Curate of Cexley, 1884; Vice Principal St. Paul’s College, Madagascar, 1884 90; Curate of Ledbergh, 1890-91; Chaplain Rangoon Catonments, 1892-95; Thatyetmyo, 1895-99: Incumbent of Port Blair, 1901-3; Chaplain of Rangoon Cathedral, 1903-4; Rangoon Cantonments, 1904-5; Acting Archdeacon and Commissary, 1906-7: Maymyo, 1906-9. Address: Maymyo, Burma.