The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Crosthwaite, Sir Charles Haukes Todd

Crosthwaite, Sir Charles Haukes Todd; K.C.S.I. (1888), C.S.I. (1887), I.C.S., (Retd); formerly Lieut-Governor of N.W.P., s. of the late Revd. John Clarke Crosthwaite, vicar of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, and later Rector of St. Mary-at-Hill, London; educ: at Merchant Taylor’s and St. Johns College, Oxford; entered the Bengal Civil Service, 1857: Secretary to Board of Revenue. N.W.P. 1875-7; Commr. of Jubbalpore C.P. 1877-81; Member of Council of Governer-General, 1881-1883; Chief Commissioner, British Burma, 1883-4; Chief Commissioner, Central Provinces, 1885-6; Member, Public Services Commission, 1886-7; Chief Commissioner, Burma, 1887-84; Member of the Governor-General’s Council, 1890-1, and in 1892; Lieutenant-Governor of N.W.P. and Oudh, 1892-5: Member of the Council of India, 1895-1905. Publication: Notes on the N.W. Provinces of India 1870. Address: Long Acre, Shemley Green, Surrey. Club: Savile.