The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Cruickshank, Alexander Walmsley

Cruickshank, Alexander Walmsley, C.S.I. (1898), I.C.S. (retired); b. 1851; y.s. of late Major John James Farquharson Cruickshank; m. 1881, Fanny Nina, d. of late Claremont Daniel. Educ: Wimbledon School, Passed 4th into Woolwich, but entered I.C.S. 1872; Barr. Middle Temple, 1883; Junior Secretary to Board of Revenue, N.W. Provinces. 1878; Under-Secy. to Governnent, 1886; Settlement Officer, 1886; Deputy Commissioner, 1890: Magistrate and Collector, 1891; Commissioner, Allahabad Division, 1897; Commissioner of Rohilkhand Division, 1897; on special duty, 1897; reverted as Commr. Rohilkhand Division. 1898 commanded Rohilkhand Vol. Rifle Corps, 1898-1903; additional member Imperial Legislative Council, 1902: member of Council, United Provinces, 1903; 3rd member, Board of Revenue, United Provinces, 1905; Commissioner of Rohilkhand Division, 1898-1908. retired, 1908. Publications: Settlement Report of Gorakpur District, U.P. Address: c/o Messrs. Grindlay & Co., London. Clubs: East India United Service, Oriental.