The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Daga, Sir Kastur Chand

Daga, Sir Kastur Chand, Dewan Bahadur, C.I.E. (1909), K.C.I.E. (1911), Rai Bahadur, Bankir, landlord and Millowner, Bikaner State; s. of Abirachand Daga, Rai Bahadur; b. 1855; is a Khazanchi to the Bank of Bengal; owns cotton Mills in the Central Provinces and Berar; Chairman, Nagpur Electric Light and Power Co. Ltd.; Member, Contonment committee, Kambee: Life Member, Central committee of the Imperial Institute in India; Life Counciller, Dufferin Hospital Fund; exempt from the operations of the Arms Act and from personal attendance in Civil Courts and also from payment of custom duty in the Bikanir State; has constructed works of Public utility such as, tanks, wells, markets, pavillions, etc; title of Rai Bahadur from Bikanir State, 1880; Rai Bahadur from British Government 1887; Dewan Bahadur, 1903; K.I.H. Silver medal, 1898; medals in the Durbars of 1903 and 1911; his eldest son is also a Rai Bahadur and a holder of a 2nd class Fazim from the Bikanir State. Address; Kampti, C.P.; Bikanir, Rajaputana, India.