The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Dalrymple, Brig-Gen. William Liston

Dalrymple, Brig-Gen. William Liston, Indian Army (retired); educ at High School, Edinburgh, Wimbledon and Sandhurst; Joined 44th Regt., 1863, and 88th Cannaught Rangers, 1864; passed Staff College, 1878; served at Ashanti, Bermuda D.A.A. and Q.M.G. Northern District; A.A.G. Colonel Forces, South Africa, 1878; Brig-Major S. Africa Field Force, 1879; Military Secretary to Lord Lytton when Viceroy of India, 1880: A.Q.M.G. of India, 1883-4; D.Q.M.G. India, 1891-3; Brig General, India, 1893-8; C.B., 1893: retired.