The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Datia, Maharaja of

Datia, Maharaja of; H.H. Maharaja (1885) Lockcendra (1877) Sir Govind Singh Bahadur Ju Dev; s. of late Maharaja Shawani Singh Bahadur; b. 1886; succeeded, 1907; belongs to the great Cundela Rajput family claiming descent from Sir Singh, who took the clan name of Bimolla and settled in Bundlekhand; has introduced salutary reforms in the administration of the State; made excellent arrangements for the relief of distress in the famine of 1907-08; well versed in Sanskrit, Persian, and English; enjoys full civil and criminal powers in his State; motto of the family is ‘Wir dalap Sharandah’ (Lord of the Crave Army, Giver of Refuge). Area of the State, 820 square miles; population, over 150,000; revenue, nearly 4 lakhs; maintains a military force of 945 cavalry, 5203 infantry, and 124 guns: entitled to a salute of 15 guns. Recreations: shooting and riding. Address: Datia, Cundelkhand[, Central India.