The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Devarakota, Zamindar of; Mallikarjuna Prasada Naidu

Devarakota, Zamindar of; Mallikarjuna Prasada Naidu, Zubdatul Agran, Challapalli; descended from one of the most ancient Zamindar families in the Northern Circars; s. of Rajah Ankinedi Bahadur Garu; b. 1847; educ: in Telugu and English; has experimented largely in Ayurvedic medicine, to dispense which he maintains a hospital at Challapalli; assumed charge of Estate, 1875; estate declared impartible, 1890; has opened irrigation canals; has endowed a bed in the Gosha Hospital, Madras; has built a Boys school at Chellapalli; was present at the reception of T.R.H. the Prince and Princess of Wales at Madras, 1906. Recreations: Music, Indian gymanastics, and study of Hindu medicine. Address: Challapalli. Kistna Dt. Madras Presy, India.