The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Edwards, Lt. Col. William Rice

Edwards, Lt. Col. William Rice, M.D., M.R.C.S,. C.B. (1914),; C.M.G. (1900), Chief Medical Officer, N.W. Frontier Province; s. of late Rev. Canon H. P. Edwards of Llandaff; b, 1862; educ, at Clifton; M.B. (Durham) and M.R.C.S, (England), 1884; M.D. (Durham), 1886; joined I.M.S., the same year; Surgeon Major (now Major), 1898; Lieutenant-Col, 1906; Surgeon, Eden Hospital, Calcutta, 1889; Surgeon to H.E. the Commander in Chief in India, 1900; Civil Surgeon, Quetta, 1891-1900; served in South Africa on the Staff of Lord Roberts (despatches, C.M.G,), 1900-01; returned to India and was appointed as Superintending Surgeon, Kashmir State Hospitals, 1901. Address: Peshawar, India. Club: United Service (Simla).